Furry Friends

Growing up, I was always taught that animals were a lot of responsibilities. As my mom liked to say “They’re like a kid. You have to always take care of them.” I was never exposed to any type of animals growing up and I remember having a small fear for dogs and cats ever since I was little. I never really got to interact with one as a child so therefore I didn’t really know how to behave around them.

Around middle school and high school was when I started to go to friends’ houses and was finally allowed to have sleepovers. Some of my friends had dogs and it was from there that I slowly learned to appreciate them. I noticed that the dogs always greeted my friends and me at the door. Sometimes, the dog was quick to bark whenever there was someone new at the house. Most of the dogs were constantly begging for treats as well. I was finally exposed to the cuteness of dogs and their behavior around humans. I often heard of my friends having to walk their dog, but, honestly, the responsibilities didn’t cross my mind. All I knew then was that dogs were very inviting creatures and that there wasn’t any chance of me owning one anytime soon.

My first love was when I met my boyfriend……

because he introduced me to his best friend: Rambo. I remember automatically associating Rambo Copy of Yellow Modern Retail Store Sale Photo Collage with a cow because of his spots. Even though he didn’t pay too much attention to me, I tried my best to get him to notice me. I would rub his belly every so often. Sometimes I would pick him up and try to cradle him. It took Rambo a long time to finally come around and acknowledge me. He went from barking every time I entered the house to acting quite excited to see me. Rambo’s hugs are also the best. (Yes, he’ll hug me by putting his two little paws on my shoulders.)

Rambo will always be my first love and first unofficial pet that I got to be around almost on a regular basis.

And then somehow it happened out of nowhere…..

my boyfriend and I wanted another pet. We loved Rambo but we only got to have him at our place every so often. While I would’ve loved to make the leap and adopt a dog, I knew the responsibilities were going to be too much. On top of all the other things going on in my life, I didn’t have the adequate time to train or take care of a puppy. The next best thing, as suggested by several of my friends, was a cat.

This was going to be unknown territory because I didn’t really grow up with too much interaction with cats. I hardly understood them as creatures and I really didn’t know how to care of one at all.

I’d like to think that it took a little bit more for my heart to give in, but it was only one visit to the animal shelter. Rocky(image).pngMy boyfriend and I initially wanted a spotted cat (Rambo set the trend) but we found the most adorable white cat with one big gray spot. We took him home immediately that day. We were very excited as any new pet parent would be, but we were also very nervous of the new responsibility we just put upon ourselves. As we learn more about cats and interact with our new love, I fell more and more in adoration.

R&R(image)I was grateful that it didn’t take too much for Rambo and Rocky to be okay around each other. We introduced them the first day we brought Rocky home. Rambo was very hesitant since he’s lived five years of his life as a super spoiled only child. However, within a couple of days, they were getting along. And by that, I mean minding each other’s own business and not really interacting. It was fine, but in my fantasy I had dreams of them cuddling with one another and being best friends.

And then somehow THAT happened….

And this time, this Bo(image) furry creature truly found us. We were casually shopping for some dog food when we saw that the store was having an adoption event. The minute we saw Bo in his little cage and his cute little spots, we couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was over a course of a week that we went through the adoption process and took him home. Within a span of three months, our apartment was now home to two cats!

Call it fate or whatever, but we were meant to have two kitties in our lives. It still warms my heart every single day to see Rocky and Bo cuddle and entertain each other. They’re each other’s best friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bo was so scared as a kitty when he first came to us, but each day his personality comes out a little more. He went from sneezing and getting mucus in his eyes to being the best door greeter with the cutest yellow eyes.

Seeing my two kitties grow up day by dayBFFs(image) is a very heartwarming experience. My next step is for all three of them to get along and be the best ‘Three Musketeers’ out there. Bo is slowly warming up to Rambo, but he’s still very fearful. We don’t allow them to interact too closely with one another yet, but they’re slowly getting used to each other. One day soon, I’m going to find them all laying on the couch together.

Having cats and a dog have allowed me to see how different the two creatures are. Cats are often more independent compared to dogs. Cats cuddle with you whenever they want to and dogs seem to never get enough attention from you. I get two sides of the spectrum and it’s the best thing ever.

I have my hands full for now and probably won’t have the time nor energy to add another furry friend to my family. I’m personally banning myself from any adoption event that may happen at my local pet store or anywhere else for that matter. Clearly, I have a soft spot for spotted creatures and I found the best three in the world.