Now let’s get some things straight…

About a little over a year ago, I wrote a post highlighting CHANGE. I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with this blog site, but I knew I wanted to create it as a way for me to express myself.

I put together things such as Outfit of the Days and then at the beginning of 2017, I popped up again with a post of things I constantly keep in mind. And then… -crickets-. It’s been five months since then and I’m still stagnant with the content I’m creating. I’m still maneuvering the finer details and as to what I want this site to focus on, but I guess we’ll call it for what it is right now: my brain dump!

Some of the posts I created before aren’t exactly my taste today, but I’ll keep it up as a reminder of my progression when I compare it to the new posts I’ll be making. With this site, the one thing I want to constantly remind myself is to push for content and make sure that it’s quality. I’ve already looked back and laughed at the horrible edits I had on my old posts and I’m sure, a couple years from now, I’ll look back at these recent posts and think how far I’ve come.