Bye 2016

2016 was definitely a transition year for me. As I’m writing this, I’m in the process of moving again, about exactly the same position I was in during the start of 2017. I’ve come a full circle!

This year was the year I focused a lot on building relationships with the people I cared the most about and I also let go of a lot as well. I’ve truly focused on building myself as a person and I’m glad to say that I’m definitely happier and more content with myself as I say goodbye to this year. I’m happy to be growing not only within myself but also in my education and career. I’ll leave these notes here as a reminder of not only what I’ve learned throughout 2016 but as lessons that I want to take with me to the new year.

-Everybody grows at their own pace and in no way should I judge or compare.   Whether it is something so minor as comparing myself to someone I see on Instagram or looking at someone’s life and seeing what they’re doing. I don’t know their back stories and I should, instead, focus my energy towards reaching my own goals.

-Sadly, not all friendships are meant to last and not everyone you meet will instantly become your best friend.   I’m a pretty straightforward person when it comes to friendships and my relationships with others. If I don’t like you, then that’s it! I’m not going to spend my time hating you or being mean to you, but I’m also not going to make an effort to spend time with you either. The friendships I truly value are the ones with genuine people that care about each other and support each other.

-If something doesn’t feel right, don’t force it.   This goes towards my job, career choices, major, place I’m living in and any other important decisions I may make in my life. If for some reason I don’t like it or don’t like the people I’m surrounded with while doing it, then I should make some changes. The solution may be hard at first, but I just have to keep in mind that things will work out.

-Be open to new things and remember to have fun!   With all the crazy things going on in my life, my schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of breathing room, but I have to remember to take a step back from time to time. This year will be a year with lots of travel, fun, and comfort knowing that I’ve worked hard to come thus far.

To more blogging, more success, and more happiness!